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My Sunday Car Pic Story on Instagram

As a photographer, I'm interested in cars. They are icons of mobility and part of our culture. At the beginning of 2012, on a Sunday, I posted my first car on Instagram: a Fiat Cinquecento from the Sixties. After three weeks I named it „The Sunday Car Pic“. Because on Sunday you have time to comfortably drive around with your car. In Germany slow drivers are called „Sonntagsfahrer“ (Sunday drivers): They obstruct the traffic. Even the beautiful car is – in the rush hour – an obstacle. One day I started to hashtag vintage cars that other Instagrammers posted with #asundaycarpic. Others followed the precedent and by now you can find more than 150,000 pictures using this hashtag. 

As a photographer cars are always 


Find more pictures on my Instagram account.


Vintage car during the blue hour in Finland
a cyan convertible vintage car with tourists in Havana/Cuba in front of a cyan painted house
a man is crossing in front of a vintage car
a GDR car Wartburg 312 in Jüterborg
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