My Sunday Car Pic Story on Instagram

I don’t have a car. In a city like Berlin, you don’t even need a car. Sometimes cars disturb me, when I’m photo walking if they stand in the way and block the view. And some cars are different – they are incredibly beautiful. Even with my analogue camera, I loved to take photos of old cars. For a while, I didn’t post any cars – even old ones – on Instagram. But some pictures I found too good to not being shown.


At the beginning of 2012, on a Sunday, I posted my first car on Instagram: a Fiat Cinquecento from the Sixties. After three weeks I named it „The Sunday Car Pic“. Because on Sunday you have time to comfortably drive around with your car. In Germany slow drivers are called „Sonntagsfahrer“ (Sunday drivers): They obstruct the traffic. Even the beautiful car is – in the rush hour – an obstacle. One day I started to hashtag vintage cars that other Instagrammers posted with #asundaycarpic. Others followed the precedent and by now you can find more than 150,000 pictures using this hashtag. Next Sunday I’ll post my next Sunday car pic.


Find more pictures on my Instagram account.


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